Coaching For Executive Success

20 Feb

The core essence of LEADERSHIP COACHING is a continuous development process by which a leader is tailor-made to assist them to become a better leader and reach a higher goal. Through a disciplined process of introspection and self-reflective, the leader helps the aspiring coachee clarify a path for continued success. A leader's ability to inspire and motivate his/her followers will directly correlate to the outcome of any project. With that in mind, I have developed certain fundamentals of LEADERSHIP COACHING that are necessary components of any successful leadership development program. They are: In today's era of mass communication, instantaneous solutions are hard to come by. In order to provide an objective assessment of any situation, there should be an available sounding board, if needed. 

This is where the leadership coaching concept from Dr. Cynthia Howard takes over. A good leader needs not only a sounding board or two; a handful of trusted associates who can offer honest opinions and a unique perspective on the subject at hand. In order for any program to work, there must be enough structured training coupled with enough homework. The concept of leadership coaching involves plenty of homework. In order for any learning process to be effective, a person must continuously look at the lessons learned and apply them to their life. It is my belief that there is not enough space in this world for one to learn everything, therefore my coaching style involves plenty of homework as well as structured training programs. Read more about coaching at

My biggest reason for being Work Smart Coaching and Consulting is that I want to assist leaders to uncover hidden talents, develop new skills, and sharpen their innermost potential. Leaders are usually not aware that they possess certain hidden abilities or qualities. Through leadership coaching, these hidden talents and abilities are brought to light. All of a sudden a person realizes that they have something unique to offer the company and the public. My favorite chapter from the recent Harvard Business Review eBook titled "The Hidden Gems: Creating Great Companies" is titled" unlocking hidden talent." In this chapter, the authors share some "secrets" about how they were able to help some of the most successful companies in the world. One of the keys to their success is what the authors call "creativity dash." This is basically described as a "mosaic effect," which means that a small event that sets the whole thing in motion. 

The authors also note that leadership coaching can help create "a creative dash" and how this plays a key role in the organization's success. The book "Taking the Lead: Creating and Sustaining Effective Teams" by Leo K. Zobitz and Steven A. M. Fabrizio, which are subtitled as" Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Team," provides excellent material on leadership coaching. It provides the specific examples of some very successful organizations, as well as tips on developing your "full potential." This is one of the most comprehensive guides on executive coaching I've ever read. The authors have assembled a very impressive set of case studies that serve as excellent models for how to develop leadership in a group. This is an easy read with many applicable and helpful strategies.

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